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Mã sản phẩm Mô tả sản phẩm Giá cả
ZFA100001 A10(R) TOC Monitor suitable for water monitoring Mở rộng
AIRGAPXL2 900000269218 Mở rộng
AIRGAP001 Air Gap Device For use with Direct-Q(R) and Milli-Q(R) IX Systems, Use to prevent bacteriological contamination from the drain Mở rộng
EDSKIT001 Application-Pak Installation Kit For use with various lab water purification systems Mở rộng
TANKSDS2ASM Automatic Sanitization Module (ASM) Protects and preserves the integrity of stored pure water against bacterial proliferation and biofilm formation Mở rộng
TANKASMUV Automatic Sanitization Module (ASM) For use with Large Systems, Inhibits the biofilm build-up inside the SDS-200 and 350-liter storage tanks Mở rộng
TANKASMIN Automatic Sanitization Module (ASM) For use with Elix(R) and Milli-Q(R) Direct systems, Limits the development of biofilm inside the storage tank Mở rộng
TANKS50UV Automatic Sanitization Module (ASM) AC/DC input 230 V, Protects stored pure (Type 2/3) water from bacterial proliferation and biofilm buildup. Mở rộng
TANKASMES 900000192713 Mở rộng
ZFC0NN2QQ 910000005415 Mở rộng
ZFC0NN2SQ 910000005413 Mở rộng
ZFC0NN2ST 910000010441 Mở rộng
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