Sustainability and Social Business Innovation

Our Corporate Responsibility

  • Design for Sustainability
  • Greener Products & Solutions
  • 4 Categories of Greener Alternatives
  • SMASH Packaging
  • Sustainable Operations
  • Employee & Community Engagement


We think responsibly and act in terms of generations instead of quarters, believing in the long-term impact on our clients and products. This spirit underpins our sustainable success. We take an active role in shaping the future through our products and technologies, enabling brilliant people to solve global challenges.

We focus our strengths on those areas where we can have the greatest impact and continuously seek to hone our competitive edge while working to sustainably secure our future.

We demonstrate our commitment to responsibility through extensive programs in three main areas:

  • Greener Products and Solutions
  • Sustainable Operations
  • Employee and Community Engagement

Design for Sustainability

We created Design for Sustainability (DfS)—our gold-standard design approach that keeps sustainability at the forefront of each stage of the product life cycle.

4 Categories of Greener Alternatives

Our Greener Alternative Products fulfill one of these four critera. 

SMASH Packaging

Explore how we've vowed to reduce our environmental impact via our SMASH Packaging.

12 Principles

Explore the 12 Principles of Green Chemistry.

DOZN™ Quantitative Green Chemistry Evaluator

Our free, industry-first tool that quantifies the greenness of any product or process.


We are committed to assisting our customers with their waste reduction goals and developing reuse and recycling programs for many of our products and packaging.

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